Community Support

Canmore Woodcrafters finds value in proudly supporting programs within the Bow Valley community.


Alberta World Cup Academy

Being a town rich in Cross Country ski racing history since the 1988 Olympics and now a center for racing development we have decided to support the Alberta World Cup Academy to help with funding for our young up and coming cross country athletes. We hope that they have a great 2014-2015 racing season.

Canmore Collegiate High School

Every year Canmore Woodcrafters does an annual shop cleaning. We clean out all the corners of the shop to make way for a fresh start in the new year to come. As a result we are left with wood that could be kept, but we feel could be better used by up and coming woodworkers. This wood makes it's way to the Canmore Collegiate High School wood shop class to be used in students projects. We hope to continue to donate a small amount of wood to the High School each year and for many to come.

CTS Woodworking Award

Every Year the Canmore Collegiate High School holds an award night for outstanding performance by students in an array of classes and projects. One of these Awards is for Outstanding Achievement in CTS Woodworking. Canmore Woodcrafters donates to the top student, a wood hand plane made in Germany. The hand plane comes with a plaque engraved with the students name and year awarded, and would last for most of a Woodworkers career.

Canmore Woodcrafters will continue to support this award with hopes of bringing high school graduates into the trade of Cabinetmaking. (To date we have one student who has successfully completed the 4 year Cabinetmaking program at SAIT and continues to work for Canmore Woodcrafters)

Other Organizations We Support

  • Kids in Motion
  • YWCA Banff
  • Kid safe Program
  • Bow Valley Christmas spirit¬†
  • Canmore Community Daycare
  • Teen life choices magazine
  • Enviro kids guide
  • Canadian Federation of the Blind
  • Canmore Highland Games