Old English style faceframe kitchen

The customer wanted to challenge us with this kitchen as they are originally from England, and we love a challenge!
They wanted to go for a traditional faceframe kitchen with a polyurethane color lacquered finish. The really neat thing is the beading detail located on the faceframe, that is beautifully mitered at every inside corner joint and really adds a unique detail to the kitchen.
They were delighted!

Featured Employee – Serhii

Serhii joined us in 2017 as a Cabinetmaker. He has extensive knowledge with CNC machining and ornate high end woodwork. He brings years of experience and knowledge to our team. Serhii enjoys spending time with his family, and getting out doors, biking and walking in his free time.

What wood is that, can you guess?

These three-inch thick double entry doors required custom cutters to create the required profiles within these doors. These double doors are also equipped with an insulated panel and double seals, and a single seal down the center. The really unique thing about these doors is that they’re made of reclaimed Redwood from wine casks sourced from the Napa Valley in California, and stained to this beautiful brown tone. In this house the entire wine cellar was also made from the reclaimed Redwood.  How’s that for a talking point!

Featured Employee- Shandon
“Professional Gold Seal Estimator”

Shandon joined us in 2019. He has been a Millwork Estimator for over 20 years. He strives on providing our clients with exceptional service at all times. Shandon holds a Professional Gold Seal Certificate in Estimating with a background as a Journeyman Cabinet Maker. Outside of work, you will find him outdoors with his family. His passions include hiking, running, mountain biking and camping.

Two parts of a kitchen built at different times

The island was built eight years prior to the back wall, and we meticulously ensured that the new part of the kitchen matched the aged island colour perfectly. The island is all “push to open” including the two full radiused doors. Another neat feature is that on each build – regardless of whether the interior is melamine or veneer – every sink cabinet is made with plywood to ensure a long lifespan, even if there is a leak.

Featured Employee

Martin joined us in 2018 as a Cabinetmaker. He finished his cabinet making education in the Czech Republic. Prior to joining CWC, he had worked for 8 plus years at the largest piano company in Europe where he restored historical pianos and built new ones.  Outside of work, Martin loves Thai boxing and spends his time hiking, mountain biking and snowboarding in our beautiful Rockies.

Fun Fact about Canmore Woodcrafters

Eight, that’s how many native languages are spoken in our shop.

We have employees from Columbia, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Taiwan, Ukraine and of course Canada. Pretty interesting for a small shop like us.

Old World Craftsmanship – Double Curved Door

This may look like a regular full curved door but this one is unique as it has two curves; one on the top that you can see, and one across the face of the door. 

This door fits the radius of the wall seamlessly! The door is made entirely of solid Cherry, and was hand crafted before we received our 5 Axis CNC. A mountain of jigs were needed to create this exquisite door that will last many lifetimes.

 This is old world craftsmanship!

Farewell, Goodbye, and Good luck!

For most if not all business owners, one of the hardest things to do is saying goodbye to your valued employees.

This month we bid farewell to our finishing room foreman Gustavo who joined us in 2017. He has a degree in Chemistry and has been working in wood finishing research and development for 30 years. Sadly for us, he is moving to a new city to re-unite with his family.

We know it is the best decision for him and we wish nothing but success. There will always be a seat saved here for you at Canmore Woodcrafters!

“Absolutely Perfect”

Quality craftmanship has helped us earn over a 40-year-old reputation as one of the best.

Recently we re-visited a fantastic project we did 2 years ago – Palladio Jewellers – while onsite we made sure everything is still in perfect condition. Every curved panel, every soft closure drawer, every showcase display, things were adjusted and touched up so they look like new again. We are so obsessed with the perfection, and that is what sets us apart! 

Customers can count on defect-free products and clear communication throughout the estimating, design, construction and scheduling processes. 
We take care of you even if the job was done 2 years ago! We want a long term relationship with our customers, and you can feel comfortable knowing your expectations will be clearly understood and met.

Our team member – Axel

Axel joined us in the spring of 2017. As the head of our engineering department Axel is responsible for the construction details of your projects. He transfers your ideas into detailed shop drawings and creates the programs for our state of the art CNC router. Axel is a certified cabinet maker and holds a German engineering degree in Woodworking Technology. Outside of work Axel enjoys working out at the gym, riding his custom motorcycles, hiking the Canmore mountains and snowboarding at Lake Louise.

More than an entry door!

Other than being a beautiful three-inch thick solid Walnut entry door with side lights, the real gem of this package is the custom stain glass that was made for the customer.  Each bird represents one of their children. The stain glass was then put inside a triple pane sealed glass unit to achieve energy efficiency. The entry door is also equipped with an insulated panel and a double seal for the cold Rockies climate. The closet doors to the right were made to match the custom Douglas Fir and stain of the beams in the entrance and have perfectly placed decorative Walnut squares in the panels, so there is a link to the entry door package. 

Our core values

Minimizing our environmental footprint

Living and working in a community where the beauty of nature is visible everywhere, we are inspired to preserve it. This goes beyond our daily practices of recycling everything possible. We create quality products worthy of being heirlooms, products that only need to be built once and won’t need to be disposed of; something all too common in today’s world.

Reclaimed Harvest Table

When the opportunity comes around to reuse local material with a story behind it, we are always keen!
This table is made from Douglas Fir timber, salvaged from dams in local area – dams that were built by Calgary Power before 1940. These timbers are still being used to regulate water flow today!
While most salvaged timbers end up as firewood, we transformed this one into a beautiful Harvest Table that has undeniable character. This one-of-a-kind statement piece will last generations to come.

Our Team Member – Justin

Justin has been with the company over 14 years. He started as an apprentice in 1998 and completed in 2002. He then left to Switzerland to work as a cabinetmaker and returned in 2010 and stayed since.
He is now our Shop Foreman. Justin oversees the shop team and coordinates all production activities including job scheduling, quality assurance and maintaining an effective workplace safety program.
He and his family like to travel, camp, bike and ski.

Now ‘this’ was a terrific challenge!

This was fun!     
The customer had  already picked out a wonderful sink to fit this bathroom space. At first we thought a classic radiused vanity would work, but the swing of the entry door  would have hit a radiused vanity.
Thus there was no choice but to make an oval vanity, that the sink would fit into and the door could swing freely past. Each door is a quarter oval with solid Cherry rails and stiles with burl  Madrone panels.
The customer was thrilled, and this vanity will last lifetimes to come!

Team Member Profiles – Rudi Munz

Originally from Germany, Rudi completed his cabinetmaking diploma in 1985. He has been with Canmore Woodcrafters for 10 years now! With over 36 years in the industry his wealth of experience and knowledge  adds to Canmore Woodcrafters depth, allowing us to complete any complex project that comes our way! In his spare time Rudi enjoys many of the wonderful outdoor activities that living in the Rocky Mountains offers.