More than an entry door!

April 15, 2021

Other than being a beautiful three-inch thick solid Walnut entry door with side lights, the real gem of this package is the custom stain glass that was made for the customer.  Each bird represents one of their children. The stain glass was then put inside a triple pane sealed glass unit to achieve energy efficiency. The entry door is also equipped with an insulated panel and a double seal for the cold Rockies climate. The closet doors to the right were made to match the custom Douglas Fir and stain of the beams in the entrance and have perfectly placed decorative Walnut squares in the panels, so there is a link to the entry door package. 

Our core values

Minimizing our environmental footprint

Living and working in a community where the beauty of nature is visible everywhere, we are inspired to preserve it. This goes beyond our daily practices of recycling everything possible. We create quality products worthy of being heirlooms, products that only need to be built once and won’t need to be disposed of; something all too common in today’s world.

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