Now ‘this’ was a terrific challenge!

March 18, 2021

This was fun!     
The customer had  already picked out a wonderful sink to fit this bathroom space. At first we thought a classic radiused vanity would work, but the swing of the entry door  would have hit a radiused vanity.
Thus there was no choice but to make an oval vanity, that the sink would fit into and the door could swing freely past. Each door is a quarter oval with solid Cherry rails and stiles with burl  Madrone panels.
The customer was thrilled, and this vanity will last lifetimes to come!

Team Member Profiles – Rudi Munz

Originally from Germany, Rudi completed his cabinetmaking diploma in 1985. He has been with Canmore Woodcrafters for 10 years now! With over 36 years in the industry his wealth of experience and knowledge  adds to Canmore Woodcrafters depth, allowing us to complete any complex project that comes our way! In his spare time Rudi enjoys many of the wonderful outdoor activities that living in the Rocky Mountains offers.

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