What wood is that, can you guess?

July 30, 2021

These three-inch thick double entry doors required custom cutters to create the required profiles within these doors. These double doors are also equipped with an insulated panel and double seals, and a single seal down the center. The really unique thing about these doors is that they’re made of reclaimed Redwood from wine casks sourced from the Napa Valley in California, and stained to this beautiful brown tone. In this house the entire wine cellar was also made from the reclaimed Redwood.  How’s that for a talking point!

Featured Employee- Shandon
“Professional Gold Seal Estimator”

Shandon joined us in 2019. He has been a Millwork Estimator for over 20 years. He strives on providing our clients with exceptional service at all times. Shandon holds a Professional Gold Seal Certificate in Estimating with a background as a Journeyman Cabinet Maker. Outside of work, you will find him outdoors with his family. His passions include hiking, running, mountain biking and camping.

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